5 Sustainable Fashion Brands We Are Obsessed With!!

5 Sustainable Fashion Brands We Are Obsessed With!!

5 Sustainable Fashion Brands We Are Obsessed With!!



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Founded by Teodora and Pavel Lozanov in 2015, Bogdar is an independent fashion label that creates contemporary, sustainable pieces. The label builds on its family’s legacy in Bulgaria, with all of its pieces being produced in its family-owned facility in Vidin, with a team of just 16 members. It uses organic, sustainable and recycled fabrics, with its custom prints produced digitally to reduce water waste and ink usage. The brand works with family-owned, socially responsible suppliers that are certified in sustainability (read more here) to create made-to-order pieces to avoid overproduction.

“Our clothes are not made to hide, but to bring out the woman under them, to make her shine,” the brand states. Expect bold and wonderful party-ready pieces in neon greens, crushed velvets and sheer prints, as well as staple items more for every day, such as vegan leather trousers, tailored suits and flattering skirts.



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Gaâla fuses two worlds - French-inspired designs with the finest Belarusian craftsmanship. Founded by husband and wife, Kelly de Gaalon and Alexander Zhalezka, the label focuses on creating pieces that stand the test of time. Its sustainably crafted designs are made from cotton, viscose, silk and wool fabrics leftover by Italian fashion houses and deadstock linen from Belarus. Gaâla’s mantra is to “create for the needs of today while enabling the needs of future generations.” 



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Founder and designer, Lyndie Benson was inspired by her surroundings of the natural beauty of Malibu for label Bleusalt. She wanted to create a brand that left a minimal impact on the ocean and planet she cares so deeply about. Bleusalt's fabric embodies all of the beauty of cashmere but is breathable, machine washable and eco-friendly. The company has a mission to make the highest quality sustainable luxury clothing a little bit more accessible for everyone, as each piece is vegan, cruelty-free, and antimicrobial (kills microorganisms). Models are big fans of Bleusalt, with Kaia Gerber and Gigi Hadid wearing its styles, as it is not only sustainable, it also doesn't sacrifice comfort. Bleusalt is now stocked at Selfridges as part of its sustainability initiative.




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Yasmina Q

The team behind womenswear label Yasmina Q "believe in supporting our world and enjoying the journey and the community of people we work with". The brand develops each piece with consideration of the environmental impact, through using deadstock fabrics or sustainably sourced materials such as recycled polyesters and organic cottons. Yasmina Q produces its thoughtfully curated collections through community-based workshops across the UK, Indonesia and Hong Kong, that support and empower women and ensure workers' rights are protected.




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The Odder Side

The Odder Side is the brainchild of two best friends who were united by a dream of creating beautiful yet comfortable clothes. Ever since the brand's launch in 2015, upholding strong eco credentials has been a key focus, only producing long-lasting, timeless pieces. The Odder Side uses only certified sustainable fabrics such as Oeko-Tex, GOTS and Lenzing; it keeps its supply chain short and ensures all packaging is recyclable. What's more, the label plans on improving its sustainability efforts in the years to come.


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